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Website Design

If you have done any amount of surfing on the internet, you have certainly encountered dozens of different website designs. These website designs often fall into a handful of different categories:

  • Works of Art - These are the websites that are visually impressive, especially as you cock your head from side to side staring at all the pretty pictures. They are fun to look at, but they are usually not exactly user-friendly and intuitive. They may have great information, but it is sometimes difficult to find.
  • Look at Me - If you have ever spoken with a young child who has just learned to hop on one foot, you probably understand the reference. Like the Works of Art, these websites are also visually impressive. However, they are often over-stimulating to the point of distraction with something always flashing in your face, saying: "Look at me... Look at me..."
  • Bells and Whistles - Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. These are the websites that use every trick in the book, even if they don't really fit in with the design or the content of the website. Yes, I can make it snow on your webpage, but unless your company manufactures shovels, snow plows or igloos, why would I?
  • Data-Dumps - These websites are the antithesis of the Works of Art. There are no pictures and few if any links; they are content-rich and the content is easily accessible (with a Ctrl-F, since all the content is usually on one page). These websites illustrate that there is a difference between being accessible and being usable. Another characteristic of a Data-Dump website is that they often have very tiny scrollbars.
  • Online Business Cards - That pretty much says it all. Name, address and phone number. The fancy ones have a logo too.
  • Right Tool for the Job - These websites provide a good internet platform and effectively and efficiently display the content for the world to see.

So which is the best type of website design? The answer might surprise you...

All of the above...

That's right. Depending upon your project any one (or more) of these categories may be the right solution for you. It all really depends on what you are wanting to share with the world.

  • A photographer may want a Work of Art website.
  • A website for children may want to use a Look at Me design.
  • Techies always appreciate a Bells and Whistles design.
  • A FAQ website may want a Data-Dump design.
  • A local Mom-and-Pop store may be content with an Online Business Card design.

You see, any website design category (or combination of categories) may be the the right design for your project and may therefore, be the Right Tool for the Job. The secret is to find the right mix.

At bitbars, we have the ability to design all of these website and can help you determine which style (or combination of styles) will best showcase your project.



Holy Cross Catholic Church - Batavia, Illinois

Holy Cross Catholic Church in Batavia, Illinois has had a web presence for more than 10 years. Over this time a lot of great content had been developed.

There was a desire to update the site with a fresh new look while maintaining the ease-of-use and adding some bells and whistles such as a splash intro page, streaming audio and Flash galleries.

Holy Cross Catholic Church

CRECHE Homeschooling Group - Batavia, Illinois

The CRECHE Homeschooling Group serves homeschoolling families in the Fox Valley Area. This website was designed as an alternative to publishing a monthly newsletter.

We designed the website, and it is now maintained monthly by members of the homeschooling group. In addition to the public pages, it has members-only pages.

CRECHE Homeschooling Group

Ceilings and More, Inc - Batavia, Illinois

Ceilings and More, Inc. is a local family-owned and operated residential/commercial remodelling company. They needed a way to reach potential customers in ways that a yellow pages ad could not.

This website was designed as an online portfolio to give potential customers ideas as to what can be done and a sense of the quality and workmanship that comes from using Ceilings and More.

Ceilings and More, Inc.

Bears Gone Wild On Third - Geneva, Illinois

Bears Gone Wild On Third is a local family-owned business which sells stuffed animals and accessories. They also host Bear-Building Parties. This website was designed to showcase their product line and inform visitors of the various party packages.

We designed the website to be bright, colorful and fun. This includes a Flash gallery of pictures from around the shop and a unique method for displaying enlarged product images.

Bears Gone Wild On Third