Dean J. Knott

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Obtain a software development position that will fully utilize current language and problem solving skills while developing new skills.


  • C / C++
  • Nokia Qt GUI Toolkit
  • X / Motif
  • Linux / UNIX
  • Korn, Borne and C-shell scripting
  • Perl
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver/Flash


Shell International Exploration and Production

Bellaire Technology Center, Houston, TX - March 1997 to Present

123DI/nDI Responsibilities: Provide business continuity programming support for 123DI (suite of proprietary X/Motif seismic processing and analysis applications) and provide porting and development resources for nDI (platform independent version of 123DI using Qt toolkit).
(September 2007 to Present)

  • Developed a Qt-based application to analyze 2D seismic line data.
    • Seismic Gain Balancer is a GUI application which minimizes correlation errors between the various inputs to provide a balanced result with minimal gain perturbations.
  • Ported various applications to nDI using the Qt and existing framework.
    • Flirt / Lama / Rosebud are GUI applications which apply various algorithms to seismic data to help the user to better understand and process the data.
  • Provided maintenance and development support to users for 123DI and nDI.
    • Software cycles managed using Agile / Scrum methodology.

LOGIC Responsibilities: Implement new interactive GUI functionality in LOGIC (proprietary X/Motif geophysical sub-surface analysis application) through problem-solving, rapid proto-typing, application design and implementation.
(March 1997 to September 2007)

  • Developed an interactive graphical library utilizing X/Motif and the INT widget set. This library was then used in the creation of several different GUI applications.
  • Enhanced LOGIC functionality by developing several new graphical X/Motif applications to increase user productivity.
    • Box Plot is a GUI application which allows the user to graphically correlate statistical data which is then applied to the entire data set.
    • Interactive Depth Shift is a GUI application which allows the user to correct errors which were introduced during the gathering of the well log data. These corrections can then be applied to the entire data set.
    • LAS Previewer is a GUI application which allows the user a quick-look at the well log data without actually loading the data into a LOGIC project.
    • Interactive LogEdit is a GUI application which allows the user to edit and correct geophysical data using a variety of different edit modes.
  • Redesigned input screen display mechanism to use segregated data files rather than configurations compiled into the code, reducing development time and increasing performance and flexibility.
  • Proto-typed Qt C++ GUI data browser in C++.
  • Designed a C-based API to provide access to a proprietary database allowing users to develop their own client applications.
  • Created a suite of UNIX Korne shell scripts which automated many developer tasks and greatly increased developer productivity.
  • Created a Korne shell script that would automatically update the API User Guide when new functionality was added.
  • Evaluated new software packages and widgets for potential implementation into LOGIC including XmHTML, Z&S Superview and Qt.
  • Optimized LOGIC to increase run-time performance and reduce overall application size
  • Maintain legacy LOGIC code in a mixed C-FORTRAN environment
  • Replaced proprietary table widget with a more full-featured commercial version
  • Worked with outside vendors to resolve issues preventing full implementation of commercial products
  • Assisted in hiring new contract employees by reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.

United Space Alliance

NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX - August 1990 to March 1997

Responsibilities: Developed applications to automate manual procedures and perform quality assurance on mass property data in support of the Space Shuttle Program.

  • Automated extensive manual procedures and design philosophies utilizing UNIX shell scripts and proprietary GUI-builder.
  • Re-engineered X/Motif application GUI to utilize automation and be more flexible and user-friendly.
  • Implemented new design philosophies into existing software application.
  • Performed and presented mass properties analysis to the Space Shuttle design community.
  • Acted as inter-departmental consultant to analyze and report on Space Station procedures to improve methods of data analysis, application performance and quality-assurance.
  • Represented Propulsion Systems group in hardware/software configuration panels.
  • Re-hosted software to AIX platform.
  • Aided in development of real-time support expert system which resulted in reduced engineer-hours required for flight.


Batavia, IL - April 2006 to Present

Responsibilities: Coordinate inputs from various sources to design, maintain and enhance websites.